We are a company established in the early 90's by a group of engineers and vets who were specialized in animal nutrition.

We have a vast experience in advising agricultural companies in Argentina. Regions: NEA, NOA, Pampeana, Cuyana and Patagonica. In addition to this, we do technological research and development investigations. Our goal is to provide solutions to on-demand products, technical advice and internal audits, all linked to intensive livestock production. Always seeking the profitability of our customers. .

Nowet was a Toba God who was recognized as having a great power. It was believed that he was obeyed by all terrestrial animals and that was the protector of the ecological balance. Having among his powers, the ruling of atmospheric and natural phenomena's. We chose this name for our company because we have a deep respect for nature, knowing that we have influence on it, we work with ecological awareness.